Christmas present wrapped in red glittery paper with a gold bow and the background out of focus

‘Go on,’ Kasey urged her, ‘open it.’

If anything, Kasey’s enthusiasm only made Heather more wary. Ever since they had woken up she had been acting strangely. She had complemented Heather’s outfit, made her a cup of coffee to wake her up, had allowed her to sit in her favourite armchair in the lounge – the one Kasey usually draped herself over like a sleepy cat – and even willingly turned off her phone in order for them to both open their presents. Alarm bells were blaring in Heather’s head: if there was one thing she had learned in the past few months it was that Kasey was never this nice.

In truth the only reason they were even sharing the house together was because their parents were close friends. The two girls, on the other hand, certainly were not. While Heather had always been the quiet, academic type who had her eyes firmly set on career success, Kasey was her antithesis. For as long as Heather could remember, Kasey had been a shallow, materialistic sort, forever chasing boys, fawning over expensive dresses and demanding the newest extortionate make-up palette from her parents.

She always got what she wanted of course. The fact that Kasey’s parents were far wealthier than Heather’s had never had much impact on their friendship; however it was certainly evident from the demeanour of their daughters. To any outsider it was abundantly obvious that Kasey was the epitome of a spoiled brat. Unfortunately for her, no amount of complaining had been able to talk her parents out of sending her to university – full tuition already paid of course – and when it had come to light that Heather had got into the same establishment it had been up for no debate that the two of them would live together.

The only perk Heather could think of was the fact that Kasey’s parents were paying for their accommodation, but beyond that the past several months had been a nightmare. While Heather had dedicated herself to her law degree, Kasey had spent all of her time out drinking, partying and sleeping around. Heather was still torn on which she preferred: Kasey spending the night in somebody else’s bed but turning up the next morning still drunk and going through the house like a whirlwind that she had to spend hours cleaning up after, or having her bring back some random jock – or a group – that Heather was then forced to listen to all night long as her shameless roommate let her slutty personality run wild.

As a result, Kasey’s sudden overbearing geniality had Heather worried. If everything else hadn’t been enough, after they had opened their gifts from their parents – Kasey’s opulent and materialistic, Heather’s reserved and practical – her roommate had produced a present of her own and handed it to Heather. ‘Here, I got this for you,’ she had said.

Holding it, Heather was almost afraid to unwrap it. She simply refused to believe Kasey had gone to the trouble of actually paying for something that wasn’t for her, not to mention going to the effort of wrapping it as carefully as she had. But then, Heather had always been taught to give people the benefit of the doubt and not to judge them unfairly. And Kasey did seem to be making an effort.

Somewhat reluctantly, she set about unwrapping the gift, removing a bundle of bubble wrap from the box and unfurling it. Despite her best efforts to look pleased, her face visibly fell as she revealed the contents: a large, pink silicone dildo, a bottle of lube and a purple wand vibrator. In hindsight, she realised she should have guessed it might be something like this. What else would Kasey have spent her money on but something she would want, rather than an item the recipient would appreciate?

Taking hold of the dildo awkwardly Heather forced a false smile. ‘Oh, uh, thanks Kasey. They’re very… different…’ Heather was good at many things, but lying was not one of them, and she elected not to try. ‘Listen, Kasey, I appreciate the gesture, but these just aren’t the sort of things I would use. No offense, but I think it might be best if you keep these for yourself.’

To Heather’s surprise, her roommate did not throw a fit as she had expected. In fact, the Cheshire cat grin that split her pretty features did not so much as flicker. ‘Oh no, babe, you should definitely keep them. You never know, you might surprise yourself.’

Babe? Kasey never called her babe. Prude, nerd and loner were names of preference, but never babe.

God, Kasey is like such a babe.

Heather started as the involuntary thought snaked its way into her mind. That hadn’t been her, had it? She wouldn’t think like that.

I’m like so lucky having her as a bestie. I bet this dildo cost like a fortune.

Heather shook her head to dislodge the confusing intrusions and she vaguely heard Kasey chuckle. But the voice in her head would not go away and the world around her seemed less important.

Fuck, I can’t believe I never bought one before. It’s so big and veiny. Fuck I need it in my tight little snatch.

Something in her told her to toss the dildo aside, that it was the toy that was causing her to think so naughtily. But even after she had thrown it into the bundle of discarded wrapping paper at her feet the thoughts would not dissipate, the voice would not leave. It felt as though it was spreading through her like a sickness and to her horror she felt her pussy begin to moisten and her nipples harden. Suddenly she felt impossibly sensitive, her body tingling all over. With the voice filling her head and twisting her thoughts she absently noticed that Kasey had moved closer, the dildo clutched in her manicured fingers…

Brunette woman wearing only stockings shakes while using a vibrator and taking a pink dildo in her ass

‘Fuck, oh fuck,’ Heather gasped, her body trembling with uncontrollable desire, ‘no, it’s too much. Please, Kasey, I can’t take it.’

Kasey giggled gleefully as she continued to stretch Heather’s lubed ass with the thick dildo. ‘I think you know you can’t stop it now, babe. Each one of your pretty toys is full of a very potent slut formula. There’s no stopping it now. You can feel it building, can’t you? An orgasm more intense than anything you’ve ever known. I’m told the first time is life-changing. Part of me wishes I wasn’t already such a slut then I could go through it all myself. Still, it is such fun watching you break.’

‘Please, Kasey, I’m begging you,’ Heather whimpered.

Kasey laughed again. ‘Oh Heather, if you wanted to stop you wouldn’t be holding that vibrator to your cunt. But you can’t take it away, can you?’

Kasey was right. No matter how hard she tried, Heather could not move her hand even a fraction. She was no longer in control of her body, and just like her roommate had said there was an intensity building up inside her. Lying on the floor sweaty and breathless with the wand on her clit and the dildo stretching her ass, her inner slut was fed with pleasure and desire. It felt as though there was a wildfire in her mind with the flames of nymphomania devouring the woman she had once been. And as the orgasm built within her the more the fires were fuelled.

‘How could you do this?’ she managed, desperately trying to beat back her rising climax.

Continuing to pump the dildo into Heather’s virgin ass Kasey smiled. ‘Oh, babe, I did it for you. All those days listening to dusty old men drone on, all those nights stuck in the library endlessly reading and revising. That’s no life, hun, not really. I mean sure, turning you into a horny little slut does benefit me, but I want you to know that I didn’t do this just to get a bitchy bestie, or to have another slut on her knees for the guys I bring back, or a hot babe to join me at the gloryholes, or any of the kinky things we’re going to do together. I did this for you. Honest.’

Heather couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had always expected Kasey would try and ruin her life one day, but she had thought she would be able to outsmart the spoiled brat. But this wasn’t something she could think her way out of. This was lust unlike anything she had ever known and it was building. Hotter, and faster, and stronger until…

‘Fuuuuuuck,’ Heather groaned as her orgasm tore through her. The power of her orgasm was like throwing gasoline on a fire and the flames in her mind swirled into a frenzy. By the time she had calmed herself and lay panting, sweaty and naked on the floor her new personality had been sealed.

Sitting up, she looked down and jiggled her tits with a girlish laugh. ‘God, that was like so intense,’ she said.

‘So you like them?’ Kasey replied with a smirk.

‘Only the best Christmas presents ev-er. I don’t know what I would have done if I had had to go on without them.’

‘Probably stayed a prude the rest of your life.’

‘God, you’re like so right,’ Heather nodded. ‘I’ve got so much lost time to make up for. Girl, do you think it is too late in the year to swap courses? I’ll die of boredom if I have to stick out that silly law course.’

Kasey shook her head. ‘Hell no, I’m sure you’ll be able to transfer to my course. You’ll have a bit to catch up on but don’t worry; I know just how to persuade coach to boost your grades. Speaking of which, have you ever actually taken a real dick before?’

‘Never. Why, does it feel different? Does it feel better?’

Kasey rolled her eyes before breaking into a grin. Heather had a lot to learn, but she was going to enjoy teaching the new slut all of it. ‘So much better, girl. Tell you what, tonight we’ll get all made-up, head out in the town and catch some boys. Trust me, babe, candy cane is only the second best thing to suck at Christmas, you’ll see…’

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