The Program: Amber Smith – Day One (Rewrite)

Models: Faye Reagan, Johnny Sins & Nikki Rhodes

Amber was nervous. It was difficult not to be when you were sat alone in a waiting room with just your thoughts for company – and this waiting room in particular was more intimidating than most.

A reflection of her anxious face stared back at her from the mirror set opposite the sofa on which she was sat. Her eyes were heavy with sleep-deprivation. Every time she had closed them for the past week her mind had buzzed with questions. Had she been right to book the appointment? What would her parents think? How could she betray them this way? What if she wasn’t cut out for this? Was she really strong enough to go through with it? Was she throwing her life away?

With each day her nerves had frayed more and more. Now she was actually here it was all she could do not to bolt before the door opened.

It wasn’t like anybody would see her go – Amber was the only one in the waiting room. Not that she had expected it be thronging. Set far outside of the nearest city, the place was so obscure it had been difficult enough to find on the internet, let alone a map.

Just as she was about to make a run for the exit, a tall, bald man in a lab coat entered the waiting area.

‘Miss Smith?’ He had a friendly smile, but a serious face. Nodding meekly she followed him down a corridor then into an adjacent room.

It was a small space designed to look like a school classroom. Primarily dominated by a desk with a large chair behind, the rest of the floor was taken up by a dozen or so student desks while a series of bookshelves and cabinets lined the back wall. Blackboards were hung behind the main desk while school posters were dotted around.

It was not lost on Amber that she was in a mock classroom while wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Her clothes – a crisp white shirt, black and pink plaid skirt, black tights and polished shoes – had been sent out to her a few days before, along with a short handwritten note informing her she should wear them to her appointment.

The man sat behind the desk and gestured she sit. ‘My name is Doctor Winters. I understand you are here to discuss the Program?’

Amber was almost lost for words. Now she was in the room, the anxiety that had hounded her so relentlessly for the past three months simply evaporated. No more worrying people might uncover her search history, no more concern about what her parents might think, no more late nights panicking she had made a mistake. She wanted this. She had never wanted anything more. And now it was within her grasp.

‘I don’t need to discuss anything, doctor. I’m here to volunteer.’

The doctor smiled. ‘Excellent. In which case, let’s get through the formalities, shall we? I am contractually obliged to explain our full program to you before you ultimately consent. Do you understand?’

She nodded, not daring to let herself speak in case some rogue part of her declined.

‘Volunteers in the Program are subject to intense sexual training methods designed to draw out and nurture their inner submissive. By volunteering you agree to remain here until your training is complete, during which time we will teach you the many skills a good sub should be proficient in. These include but are not limited to lessons in oral, vaginal and anal sex, bondage of many variations – from sensual to torturous – sensory play, BDSM in all its forms, and far more besides. You will participate in conditioning sessions three times per week, which will ingrain a deep sense of submission into your subconscious. During all of this, you can rest assured we will take care of you to the highest standards and no step of the process will be undertaken without your express consent.

‘By entering the Program you agree to sever all contact with anyone you once knew. Your disappearance will be staged shortly into the Program by an external agency and a breadcrumb trail will be laid to convince the world that you have left the country for unknown reasons. To alleviate any guilt you may feel, if you wish the memory of said persons can be partially or fully removed during conditioning, but this is not compulsory.

‘Volunteers are sponsored through the Program. Sponsors provide details of any attributes or behaviours they desire in their submissive, then it is up to you if you agree to their terms and accept them as your sponsor. This is an important decision and we encourage volunteers to only accept the sponsor they feel is right for them. At the end of the Program, volunteers meet their sponsor, at which point they are officially the property of whomever has funded their training. From there you will serve the needs of your Dominant and begin your new life as their loyal submissive. Is this all clear?’

Again, Amber nodded.

‘Very good. Now, Miss Smith, before I ask for final consent I always implore potential volunteers to think very carefully about the choice they are making. What makes you feel the Program is right for you?’

If Amber could have collapsed in on herself, she would have. She had always been embarrassed to talk about this. Even the knowledge that the doctor had seen many other women in the same position did little to ease her nerves.

‘Well… you see… whenever…’ She paused. Took a breath. ‘Whenever I watch porn it’s always of submissive girls,’ she said, her voice less shaky. ‘I want to be in their shoes. I want to service a man who really loves me as his little princess. I haven’t had many boyfriends, but those I have had were just that: boys. I want more than the mundane sex they’ve given me. I don’t want to have to worry about work or affording things or ending up in a sexless relationship. I want to let a real man look after me and I want to be his obedient slave in return. I…’ Another pause. Then all the tension left her with her final words: ‘I want to be a good girl.’

Doctor Winters smiled. ‘Who am I to argue with that? I must ask though, are you absolutely sure you can sacrifice your current life for this?’

Amber nodded without hesitation. ‘I’ve never been able to tell anybody about this. I know they wouldn’t understand. And if I don’t do this I’ll live my life wishing I did. My family has never really been bothered what makes me happy, not really. They pushed me into a degree I didn’t want to do, at a university I hated, in a city I never liked, just to make themselves feel better. I don’t doubt they’ll miss me, but this is my chance to make myself truly happy. I can’t let it slip away.’ Amber had thought that she would feel guilty saying it all out loud. Instead, to her surprise, she was relieved. She knew her parents loved her in their own way, but that wasn’t going to make her happy. This was. And as each second passed, she was more and more excited to begin.

The doctor nodded as if that was that. ‘Then there is just one more question I need to ask you, Miss Smith. Do you give your final consent to begin the Program?’

With a shuddering breath, Amber nodded. ‘Yes, Doctor Winters. I give my consent.’

In response, Doctor Winters tapped a bell on his desk. A woman entered through a side door. She had fiery red hair and wore the same schoolgirl outfit as Amber. She moved with a sultry sway to her hips and was wrapped in an aura of impish sluttiness.

‘Dani, if you would please help Amber here out of her clothes,’ said Doctor Winters. Rising from his chair, he removed his lab coat and folded it neatly over the back. ‘Your first training session starts now. Given we are strangers and we understand you may be nervous today, we will take things slowly. But don’t get used to it.’

As he spoke, Dani undid the buttons of Amber’s blouse with nimble fingers. She had already removed her own, revealing elegant tattoos across half her back and enticing cleavage accentuated by her black bra.

The warm flush of the woman’s fingers on her skin stirred Amber’s arousal and she tilted her head back, closing her eyes as Dani slipped her blouse off. Amber’s breath was shallow, pleasure beginning to swirl through her.

With Amber’s blouse removed her cleavage was on display, her satin bra shiny in the light and fringed with black lace. The lingerie had also been posted out by the clinic and was significantly more sultry than Amber’s usual underwear. But for the first time since she couldn’t remember when, she felt desirable, sexy even. She felt as though a piece of her that had been hidden for far too long was beginning to awaken.
Part of her – the part that was still deathly nervous – wanted Dani to take longer stripping her. After all, Doctor Winters was right: they were strangers, both of them. Amber was so far out of her comfort zone she wasn’t sure of the way back.

But with every passing second, those nerves were dissipating. She knew it would be some time until they were gone completely. But as she stood there, feeling sexier than she had in years and fighting not to slip a hand into her panties, her desire welled up. She wanted this. More than she had ever wanted anything. If her family could have seen her now they would probably have disowned her on the spot. Yet it was liberating to realise she didn’t care. She didn’t know what the three of them were about to do together. She didn’t know how long they were going to do it for. But she knew she was going to love it. Every fucking second.

Amber kept her eyes closed as Dani continued to disrobe her. After her blouse Dani made short work of her skirt. Then she slipped down Amber’s stockings and unhooked her bra to release her ample tits. All the while Amber savoured her fingers brushing over her skin, and by the time Dani stepped away the knot of nerves in her stomach had unfurled into a flower of desire.

When she eventually opened her eyes, her insides squirmed at the sight that greeted her.

Dani had stripped down almost naked, the white stockings crowned with little pink bows the only thing left of her uniform. The rest was folded in a neat pile alongside Amber’s own clothes. Her buxom figure was fully exposed and she eyed Amber with a hungry gaze.

But no matter how beautiful Dani was, Amber could not tear her eyes from Doctor Winters. The handsome man had stripped down completely, his clothes now nestled on his office chair. Without them, Amber realised for the first time how hot he really was. His torso looked as if it had been carved from pure muscle, his abs tight and his shoulders broad. His arms were equally powerful, thick veins snaking down the insides and tendons standing out as he flexed his fingers, while sturdy legs supported his impressive physique. But most striking of all was his cock. Amber had never seen a man so big. His manhood was almost the length of her forearm and already rock hard, twitching excitedly as he noticed the flush in her cheeks.

Amber gulped. Doctor Winters smirked. ‘On the desk,’ he said. ‘Lie on your back, legs over the edge, feet on the floor. That’s it,’ he nodded as Amber followed her orders. The sight of his naked body had struck her dumb and she moved on autopilot, keen to show she was worth his time to train.

Lying back, Amber’s orange hair splayed out over the wood like an auburn halo. Her pussy felt vulnerable, but knowing Dani and the doctor had easy access to her blushing sex only turned her on all the more.

While Dani stood to the side Doctor Winters towered over Amber. The novice submissive felt her stomach flip as he stroked his thick cock, her mind whirring with all kinds of sordid ideas of what they might do together.

Yet Doctor Winters didn’t opt to indulge any of her fantasies. Instead, he did something altogether more erotic.

‘Dani. Desk.’

That was all the instruction Dani needed. Sultrily climbing up into position, the curvy woman supported herself on all fours above Amber, her knees planted beside her hips and her ass thrust out over the lip of the desk. With her chest low she pressed her tits against Amber’s, the heat of her plump breasts blossoming over her skin making Amber’s nipples hard and forcing her to bite her lip to keep herself from moaning. Dani’s fiery locks cascaded down in an orange curtain as she leaned in close to Amber’s face.

‘You’re going to enjoy this bit,’ Dani whispered.

The next moment Doctor Winters had driven deep into both their pussies: fingers in Amber’s, cock in Dani’s.

Their united moan filled the room. And somehow, for Amber, that was even more of a turn on than the doctor’s experienced digits burrowing knuckle-deep into her wet sex. The fact they were all succumbing to the same primal lust, the same air of orgasmia wreathing through the room, the same shameless depravity – it was enough to stifle any lingering doubts she might have been hanging onto.

To make her hornier still, both deviants eyed her with unrestrained lust. None of her meek boyfriends could have prepared her for this. There was such an obedient complacency in Dani’s eyes, mixed with a fiery desire Amber had never seen in anyone before. Meanwhile she could feel the doctor’s eyes running up and down her body, her skin tingling as they passed over her. Nobody had ever looked at her with such passion – but she could certainly get used to it.

Snaking her hands up she looped one across Dani’s back and placed the other on her flank, pulling the doctor’s deviant assistant in closer. She moaned as their tits squished harder together. The heat of Dani’s soft skin sent erotic firecrackers through Amber’s chest, raw lust coiling around her heart and brain and dragging her down into an abyss of pleasure.

The doctor’s fucking soon had Dani rocking back and forth in a smooth rhythm, each thrust sending shudders through her supple body that then passed over to Amber’s skin too. The more he pounded Dani, the more ripples he sent through Amber’s body; the more ripples, the more turned on she became and the more she rolled her hips to take his fingers ever deeper; and the more she accepted his fingers, the more he pounded Dani. Before long they were all three locked in a hedonistic cycle of sinuous movement, fusing into a single creature of writhing ecstasy.

Throughout it all, Doctor Winters’s sordid handiness drew desperate gasps from Amber’s trembling lips. His fingers stretched her far more than she had been expecting and he seemed to know her body better than she did: curling and twisting and weaving his fingers with the kind of expertise only a true Dominant possessed, he effortlessly rubbed up against her most sensitive internal turn on spots. Yet at the same time he made sure to vary his technique enough that he wasn’t always stroking those spots, aware that sometimes the most erotic thing of all was never quite knowing when the next bout of pleasure was coming.

Above her, Dani was losing herself to the orgasmia. Her eyes rolled and her mouth hung open as her entire body jiggled with every powerful thrust. ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,’ she babbled, delirious glee washing over her face as Doctor Winters used his grip on her flank to pull her in harder.

The doctor spanked her so loud the crack echoed around the room. She yelped, but the smile never left her face. ‘Now, now, Dani, that’s no way to speak in front of Miss Smith. You’re supposed to be giving her a glimpse into what it’s like being a good girl. Do I need to remind you that good girls don’t swear?’

‘Sorry, sir,’ she said. As if his words had cut through her mental fog, clarity returned to Dani’s glazed eyes. Snapping her gaze down she stared at Amber with an almost manic expression. ‘Volunteering is the best thing you’ll ever do, beautiful. All those dreams you’ve had of serving and worshipping your perfect Dom, this is what that looks like. I’m your future, Amber. I’m what you’re going to become: a good girl who knows her place. And that place is moaning on the end of Master’s manhood.’

Amber’s heart pounded as she held Dani’s intense gaze: they were the words she’d wanted to hear ever since first learning about the Program. She bit her lip as another groan bubbled up, threatening to burst free.

Smiling wickedly, Dani lowered her head so she could whisper in Amber’s ear without Doctor Winters overhearing. ‘You’re such a fucking slut,’ she hissed, her tongue teasing the skin of Amber’s neck. ‘Only sluts volunteer for this. Only sluts enjoy this. And listen to how much you’re enjoying it.’ Licking Amber’s neck from collarbone to earlobe, Dani ended it with a sensual groan that broke Amber’s resistance: the new sub moaned louder than she had in her entire life. But the sound was muffled as Dani darted in for a passionate kiss.

Amber’s pulse stuttered. She’d never kissed a girl before. But immediately she kissed Dani back, dragging her in hard and probing the woman’s mouth with her tongue. For a few minutes they remained that way, making out as their groans mingled in one another’s mouths. When they finally separated they were both flushed.

Dani leaned in again, her voice punctuated by little gasps that came in time with the doctor’s thrusts. ‘You can’t wait, can you? You can’t wait to be fucked mind, body and soul?’

Before Amber could reply, the doctor’s groans devolved into primal grunts. Dani’s response was instant: ‘Go on, sir, fill me up. Please, I need your cum inside me, I want to feel you unload in my slutty hole. Empty it into me, sir, use me as your cumdump…’

Dani’s sordid encouragement went on until with a loud roar Doctor Winters drove in hard one final time and dragged her hips against his crotch with a powerful hand. Together the two of them twitched and spasmed, their bodies writhing in united ecstasy as he fired his load deep into her insides.

But even as he was cumming hard, the doctor didn’t forget Amber. Doubling the speed of his plunging fingers he drew a euphoric shriek from her lips and made her squirm beneath Dani’s shuddering body. Thanks to the doctor’s efforts, both women climaxed at the same time, and all three of them howled long and loud as they crested the peak of orgasm together.

Explosions of arousal wracked her body and a slutty light-switch was flicked on somewhere in her brain. This is what she had always craved, to be used by people who really understood the extent of sexual desire, who knew what it was to experience real pleasure.

By the end, Amber was dazed and spent. She lay limp on the desk, Dani spread out on top of her, their naked bodies tangled up in a mass of limbs and ginger hair. Doctor Winters sat on the edge of the desk near their heads, looking down at them with a smile.

‘I’m afraid you’re not finished, girls. No worthy sub leaves their Dom with a messy cock.’

Amber suddenly understood the lucidity that came with a command from a real Dominant. Just like Dani had, she snapped out of her daze instantly, her brainfog dashed by his words. Though her pussy simultaneously ached from the recent fingering and yearned for him to continue, his order seemed to root itself in her mind and spur her into motion before she knew what she was doing.

Dani reacted just as quickly and together they sank to their knees in front of their Master. And with his huge cock level with their faces, they would have been unable to resist the urge to taste it even if he hadn’t already ordered them to do so.

Running their tongues along his shaft, they licked up the ribbons of cum and the film of Dani’s pussy nectar decorating the length. Kissing and suckling and lapping, they switched between looking up at him and staring at one another, the sluttiness of the situation stirring up their arousal once more. Amber watched Dani keenly, trying to memorise the way she worked the doctor’s cock, massaging his balls and stroking the base of his shaft even as she pressed her lips to his bulbous head.

Doctor Winters watched them with a satisfied expression. ‘Very good, girls. Now, since you seemed to enjoy it so much earlier, how about the two of you kiss a little more while I get dressed again?’

Neither Amber nor Dani needed telling twice. Practically throwing themselves at one another they made out even more sensually than before, the taste of the doctor’s salty seed on their tongues driving them wild as they pressed their bodies so hard together their tits ached. Succumbing to her own lust, Amber closed her eyes and groaned into Dani’s mouth. When she finally opened them again, Doctor Winters had redressed and was sat in his chair as if nothing had ever happened.

‘I can safely say we haven’t had many volunteers as eager as yourself, Miss Smith,’ he said, looking as neat as he had been when she first arrived. ‘It is always encouraging to see such good behaviour on day one: your sponsor is going to be a very lucky man indeed.’ She smiled broadly. ‘Now I know first submission can be taxing on the body. Tell me, Miss Smith, do you need to retire for the day?’ She shook her head with a pout, as if affronted that he would even ask such a thing. ‘Good. Because I have another sub to see in ten minutes to check on his progress. When he arrives, you will be kneeling under my desk sucking me off like a good girl, and you will not stop until he leaves. Is that clear?’

In response, Amber scrambled underneath the desk and opened her mouth.

Dani and Doctor Winters stood aside to allow Amber into the bedroom. It was dimly lit, illuminated only by a pink neon sign saying ‘Program’, a lamp on the desk and more pink neon lighting beneath the bed.

‘We find that volunteers prefer this lighting,’ explained Doctor Winters. ‘It tends to help the conditioning settle in and it calms them after a long day of training. I hope you find it to your satisfaction. As you might expect, your wardrobe consists entirely of outfits that you will be using in your training. We encourage private play as well, so you will find a large array of toys in the bathroom. This will be your room until the end of your training.’

Amber turned to face Doctor Winters. Dani was leaning on him, staring up at him adoringly and playing with his collar with all the attention that a cat gives a ball of yarn. If Amber was to guess, she would say that Dani was still ludicrously horny, and she was hoping to attract the attention of the handsome Dom. She wondered how far they would get down the corridor before he bent her over and fucked her brains out.

Amber was naked, the doctor having taken her clothes away after the young male submissive had left. He had told her that she was free to wear whatever she desired in her own room, but no clothing of any type was permitted beyond her room unless explicitly specified by the trainer. Not that she could see that being problematic; she had never felt sexier and the sensation didn’t seem like it would wear off anytime soon.

Before he closed the door, the doctor smiled at her. ‘It is a pleasure to have you with us, Miss Smith. I hope you enjoy your time here, and I look forward to presenting you to your sponsor. Your disappearance will be staged in the next few days and I will inform you when you are truly free of your old life. If you require anything at all, you need only ask. Goodnight, Miss Smith. We will see you in the morning.’ Shutting the door, he left her alone in the dark room.

Without so much as a second’s hesitation, Amber darted into the bathroom, eager to break in all of her new toys…

Thanks for reading!

So, as far as my stories go, this is probably the one the one that’s been the longest time coming. I first wrote a story revolving around Amber Smith and the Program back in December 2019, when my original blog wasn’t even 6 months old. My plan was to write a series of stories following Amber’s training, which at the time would have been my first miniseries.

And then… I just never did.

Honestly I’m not entirely sure why – the Program was just the one that got away. But in many ways I’m really glad I never finished it, because as a result I’ve been able to come back to it and truly do it justice.

This story is a revised version of the original Day One piece I wrote back in 2019. I’ve rewritten it almost completely from the ground up, including different supporting images. I’ve also trimmed it down a bit, since the original was very wordy. I’ve learned a hell of a lot in the past four years, and my writing has improved so much since I started, which I feel has helped turn this into something truly special. And this time, I’ll be finishing Amber’s story. Throughout August I’ll be releasing a new instalment every Monday and Friday, each of which will be dedicated to a different part of Amber’s training.

I thought a lot about how I wanted to schedule this. For a while I was considering releasing it as a condensed one-week miniseries with a new release each day, but in the end I decided to spread it out over the month for two reasons. Firstly, most of the stories are pretty long. I’ve had some fun experimenting with new layouts and scene shifts, which you’ll see when the next one comes out on Monday, and as a result they’re longer than my usual fare, so I felt like releasing them all in quick succession would be too much. But secondly, this series is really special to me. I’m incredibly pleased and proud with the final result, and I think it deserves space to breathe. For the past three years August has played host to month-long miniseries on my blog, and I can think of no story more suited to continuing that tradition than this one.

I have lots more things I want to say about this project, but in the interest of keeping these comments a reasonable length, I’ll discuss them more in future instalments. Right now I’ll finish by saying that I cannot wait for people to read the rest of the series – I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Make sure to come back on Monday to see where the story goes next!


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