Strutting down the pavement, Pride wore a self-satisfied smirk as the crowds parted around him.

The street was thronging with Halloween revellers – children scurrying about dressed as ghosts and zombies, twenty-something women wearing scarcely anything making their way to house parties in giggling groups, flustered parents hurrying after their kids in cheap outfits bought from the store. The air was filled with the excited buzz of their conversation, not to mention the endless cackling and screaming and wailing of all manner of seasonal decorations hanging from trees or jutting up from makeshift graves dug in gardens.

And yet, though there were so many people present that the road was entirely inaccessible by car, the crowds split around him like waves around a ship’s bow. The aura of arrogance draped around his shoulders was palpable yet those he passed by stared at him with barely suppressed awe. The women in particular were deeply encapsulated by him, from the scantily clad partygoers to the middle-aged mothers, and he was all too willing to cast them a roguish wink or a blown kiss, chuckling as they scurried off blushing.

Pride was half tempted to have them bow and grovel at his feet – that’s what he’d have done in the old days. But back then everyone spent their nights cowering in their huts whispering prayers to ward off evil spirits and their fear had been the sweetest feast of all. Besides, even corruptive creatures like he and his siblings had standards, and in those times the only members of society attractive enough to stir their desires were usually royals or aristocrats.

But these days things were different. Why would he want to spend his night of freedom sowing terror when there were far more sensual pleasures to be enjoyed? This world was one of sex and desire and more sin than even he and his siblings could fathom; it would be a shame to waste the night on fear when he could be fucking instead.

Still, Pride wasn’t about to settle for the basic sluts and sex-starved wives of the suburbs. In fact, he wasn’t going to settle for a woman at all. He deserved devotion from someone as perfect as himself, and he was going to need to make some significant improvements to his host for that. Though Isaac was undoubtedly the perfect vessel for his boundless ego, Pride knew there was nobody the modern mortals idolised more than a hot slut as shameless in her deviance as she was eager to boast her sexy body, so that is exactly what he intended to become.

Stepping out into the road, Pride snapped his fingers. A moment later the crowds parted and a long, low limousine slid up before him, obsidian black and with a distinctly ironic registration plate: PR1D3.

The handsome young man behind the wheel turned and peered through the open partition as Pride settled down into the back seat. ‘Where to, sir?’

‘No, no, not sir,’ Pride smiled.

Slim ebony woman wearing blue lace lingerie and black blazer in back seat of limousine

The transformation which overcame him was dramatic and swift. Isaac’s shirt and jeans dissolved to show off rapidly tanning skin and a figure that appeared to be folding in on itself. His muscles melted away into lean limbs and slender curves, his body hair withering to nothing and his whole frame compressing as though moulded by unseen hands, while throughout it all Pride smiled blissfully, savouring the pleasure of the change. Glittering golden earrings unravelled as Isaac’s styled black hair swept down into long locks that brushed over the supple, perfect brown skin of his expanding breasts. Within seconds his cock had shrivelled away leaving a twinkling pussy and a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair peeking from beneath the sheer blue lingerie which now adorned his figure.

By the time Pride’s new body had taken shape, she was reclined casually in her seat, her legs spread wide and one arm hooked over the back as the aftershocks of pleasure wore off. Though not the bustiest nor curviest woman in the world, she was nonetheless entrancingly beautiful, the very embodiment of a proud slut.

Her chauffeur smiled as an expensive black jacket appeared from thin air about her shoulders. ‘My apologies. Where to, ma’am?’

Pride fished around in Isaac’s memories for a moment or two, searching for some information on where she might find the richest stud to seduce. Then she smiled, deviant ideas already tumbling through her mind. ‘The Moonlight Terrace. Tonight I’m going to fuck under the stars.’

Pride strode into the lobby of the Moonlight Terrace with her jacket open and her lace lingerie on full display. Finely dressed couples and staff in crisp white uniforms were milling around the huge marble room when she entered and she smiled wide as the click of her heels drew all their eyes to her. Though she looked like a particularly brazen hooker arriving to meet her client they stared at her with unrestrained desire, the adoration in their expressions sending thrills up her spine.

If not for a few false cobwebs hung over the reception desk and a single skeleton propped up against the entrance it would have been easy to forget it was Halloween. But Pride was hardly surprised by the lack of seasonal spirit on show given what she’d learned from Isaac about the place.

The Moonlight Terrace was home to the most exclusive restaurant in the entire city. In fact, though every other floor of the towering hotel was dedicated to impossibly expensive suites that were infamous in their own right, it was the world-class restaurant perched on the very top floor that gave the building its name. Only the wealthiest elite could afford to dine there, and they were the kind of people who had little time for trivial holidays such as Halloween.

Pride respected that. Everyone here considered themselves far too good for the seasonal celebrations and if she was honest, she almost wished she had taken one of those as her host; they would have been even more suitable than Isaac. But in the end it didn’t matter – she was above them all, and with her new body she could have her way with anyone she pleased.

Strutting up to the front desk she gave the pretty blonde receptionist a knee-weakening smile. ‘I’ll be needing your restaurant tonight…’ She paused, squinting at the woman’s name badge. ‘Ashley,’ she finished. ‘Nobody else is to be served tonight aside from me. Oh, and your honeymoon suite is mine for the night as well. Whoever is in it, they will move.’ She paused, her smile growing mischievous. ‘And once they’ve left, strip down and wait for me on the bed. I like you. Tonight’s the night I change your life. Now run along and do as I say.’

A slave to Pride’s will, the receptionist abandoned her post and disappeared to follow her orders. It was as Pride watched her hurry off that she caught sight of the attractive couple who had been at desk when she arrived. The woman was a tall, beautiful brunette, her fake tits pressing against her tight dress, while the man was handsome and muscular, his black shirt accentuating his deliciously masculine figure.

‘What are you here for?’ Pride asked the woman. On any other night she would have been the most mesmerising woman in the room, yet in Pride’s presence she seemed insignificant, her plastic curves and sultry stature no match for Pride’s raw, lustful attraction.

‘It’s our wedding anniversary.’

‘Oh, sweetie, not anymore,’ Pride said with an expression of mock sympathy. Pulling the man into her arms she guided his hand onto her ass. ‘This stud is mine now. You’re not married anymore. Go home. If it’s any consolation you won’t even remember him by the morning and you’ll be able to go out and play the whore for some other rich bastard. Just not this one.’

Obediently, the woman turned away, the memories of her marriage and husband evaporated before she had even made it to the door. Pride, meanwhile, dragged the man into the lift with a girlish giggle, casting everyone in the lobby a playful wave as the doors slid closed, his face already buried in her neck.

Slim ebony woman wearing blue lingerie and black blazer presses herself against hunky man in lift

With the man’s lips exploring her neck and shoulders, Pride closed her eyes and gave a soft groan. She’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be adored. Sleeping dreamlessly in the nothingness of the void did a great deal to render memories of time spent in the mortal world dull and faded, but now they all came flooding back to her and she felt her pussy begin to drip in anticipation of what was to come.

Still, it had been some time since she was fucked as a woman. She had spent her last three nights of freedom as hung studs, and she wanted more than just a few neck kisses from her lover.

Unbuttoning his shirt halfway down she ran her manicured claws over his chest, driving him into the corner and pressing her nubile body against his. Rubbing her thigh against his crotch she gave a sinful smile – it seemed the lift wasn’t the only thing going up.

Lifting his chin, she drew him into a deep, passionate kiss, groaning gently into his mouth as his hands found the supple caramel orbs of her ass. He stroked her cheeks softly, squeezing every now and then and slipping his fingers beneath the lace of her lingerie though never quite easing his hands low enough to probe her tight hole.

By the time they parted lips his chest was heaving and there was blazing lust in his eyes. ‘You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,’ he breathed, pressing his brow against hers and fighting the urge to kiss her again.

‘Of course I am,’ she smiled. ‘You’re never going to find a hotter slut than me. And I’m all yours, gorgeous. Well, actually, you’re all mine. And after tonight you’ll never look at another woman again – at least not unless I tell you to.’

‘Whatever you say, beautiful,’ he replied and suddenly his hands were racing over her body, groping and stroking and squeezing as he kissed her again. Forcing her up against the wall he tugged the jacket from her shoulders so she was stood in only her lingerie. Before he could remove those, however, the lift slowed to a stop and the doors slid open with a soft rumble.

Without bothering to pick up her jacket, Pride took his hand in hers. ‘Come on, baby. Let’s fuck under the heavens and make the angels jealous.’

The restaurant was packed as they entered, the air alive with buzzing conversation, clattering cutlery and the lilting music from the band in the corner. Once Pride arrived, however, all eyes once again turned to her and the sprawling restaurant fell instantly silent.

Marching between the tables with a sultry sway in her step, Pride savoured the lustful gleam in their eyes as they admired her sumptuous figure, both men and women practically drooling as she led her lover up to the bar. Hopping up onto the counter she sank down onto her back, her perfect body spread out like a carnal buffet. And with a coy smile she revealed the most enticing treat of all, pulling the crotch of her panties to one side with a giggle.

Pride peered up mischievously at the man she’d stolen. ‘Well, stud, what are you waiting for? A blowjob? I’m not that kind of girl. I’m not her to satisfy you. You’re here to worship me. So make yourself useful or I’ll find someone more deserving of my pussy.’

The man didn’t miss a beat. Almost before the words had left her mouth he was stripping, tossing his clothes aside carelessly in his eagerness to obey. Intoxicated by Pride’s presence, there was nothing he would not do for her, and there was not so much as a shred of disappointment in his expression as he aligned his rigid cock with her twinkling pussy – he didn’t care if she never went down on him. He wouldn’t even have complained if she locked him in permanent chastity and denied him from orgasming ever again; so long as he was serving her, nothing else mattered.

Slim ebony woman in blue lingerie fucked on bar of restaurant overlooking city

Pride groaned as the head of her lover’s cock parted her folds and began to burrow deeper. His hands had closed over her golden legs – one around her ankle, the other clutching her lower thigh to lift her leg up against his chest – and he was using his grip to pull her closer, easing her hips over the edge of the bar.

The pleasure was blissful. It had been far too long since Pride had a cock inside her and a broad smile rose on her pink lips as his impressive length filled her up.

‘Fuck yes, stretch me wide, gorgeous.’ She allowed the scorching pleasure to consume her, giggling naughtily as he began to thrust. Almost as an afterthought she turned to the silent crowd who were still watching her adoringly. ‘Oh, you can all leave now. I won’t be needing any of you. You’re not good enough for me. Go home. But ladies, leave all your jewellery here. You could never look as good in it as I will.’

Without a word, the staff and customers filed out of the restaurant leaving behind tables laden with diamond earrings, bejewelled necklaces and rings worth as much as some small islands.

Pride would get to her new accessories later, but right now she had more important things on her mind.

‘Mmmh, fill my hot pussy,’ she purred, running her stiletto heel teasingly down his chest. ‘That’s the only thing you’re good for now. The only thing you’ll ever live to do. I’m your queen, baby, and even once the night’s over and I’m sleeping again Isaac won’t be coming back. He’ll be Isabelle and you’ll worship her just as passionately as you do me.’ She smirked impishly as a naughty idea sprang into her head. ‘Lick my feet,’ she said.

Her lover didn’t hesitate. Throwing aside her heels, he bowed his head and began lavishing her feet with kisses and suckles and long laps of the tongue. Aroused by his enthusiasm Pride tittered delicately, ticklish thrills racing along her leg with every touch of his lips to her skin. And all the while he continued to thrust, filling her hips with perfect unfurling petals of pleasure.

Even so, before long Pride was craving even more intense sensations.

Slim ebony woman in blue lingerie fucked on bar of restaurant overlooking city

Planting her feet on his chest Pride pushed her lover away, giving a little gasp as his hot cock slid free. With aftershocks of pleasure rippling through her nubile frame she took a moment to collect herself, then she was up, rising onto all fours and swaying the forbidden fruit of her peachy rump enticingly.

‘You know I might let you stretch this ass before the night is through, baby, but you’ve got to earn it first. You have to impress me. I want to see if you’re worthy of my body, so let’s see what your stamina is like, shall we? And since I’m an alpha bitch, I think it’s only right you fuck me doggystyle. Hard.’

Pride smirked as her man clambered up onto the bar behind her. God, she loved this part. Sensual lovemaking was undeniably hot, but there was nothing more primally erotic than a good, rough pounding – that was the kind of passion she really lived for. Because it wasn’t just the physical pleasure that drove her wild, it was the unspoken truth that even when her lover was hammering her delicate frame with all his might she would still be the one in control. Her lover was strong enough to snap her in half without breaking a sweat, and yet her authority over his mind and soul was so absolute, his lust for her so utterly complete, that he was no more than a puppet under her command.

She shivered as his strong hands whipped down her panties. He sent them flying over the balcony and down to the street below with a low grunt, then he was moving her into position, one hand clamped around her flank as the other seized the back of her bra and tugged it so tight she could feel the lace imprinting its floral patterns on her petite breasts.  

The next instant the resounding slap of his thighs colliding with her cheeks was ringing out through the night, his thick cock once again sheathed in the slick furnace of her insides.

‘Oh yesssss…’ she sighed, allowing her voice to trail off as he used his grip to pull her back against him over and over again. Pride had waited so long to feel this sensation once more.

Just as she’d requested, Pride’s lover fucked her with merciless force. Her plump ass rippled with every blow and her breath came in shuddering gasps as he knocked the air from her lungs. Her long hair swung to the rhythm of his thrusts and every now and thin he struck a powerful blow to her G-spot, eliciting an ecstatic scream that cut through the night air and was no doubt audible in the bustling streets far below. Each time, Pride found herself thinking of the curious passers-by looking up to see if they could catch sight of whoever had cried out and a satisfied grin warped her lips at the thought that she was out of view; they didn’t even deserve to look on her exquisite body naked and exposed like this. She was far too good for them.

‘You don’t know how lucky you are,’ Pride said. ‘I could have made any man mine tonight. I could have twisted reality so I had celebrities or royals on my arm. But what’s the point in that if they can’t fuck me the way I like? I’m the only one that matters, baby, and I could see in your eyes straight away that you knew how to worship a girl. I bet you paid for your wife’s plastic tits and dick-sucking lips, didn’t you? Well, your ex-wife, that is.

‘So here’s just a little taster of what’s in store for you. Once the night is over, I’ll be gone and Isabelle will take my place. Not that you’ll realise, of course. I’ll have left my mark on her, and her control over you will remain, so for you every night will feel the same as this one. You will live for her satisfaction and eagerly obey everything she asks of you.

‘The night’s still young though, gorgeous, so let’s have some fun. I imagine that pretty blonde receptionist will have my suite ready by now. Oh, we’re going to have such fun with her.’ Even as her lover continued to hammer her tight pussy, Pride paused and peered back at him with a sly smirk. ‘But she can wait a little longer. I’m not ready to share you with her just yet.’

The next moment she had pushed him onto his back and straddled his waist. Easing down onto his flagpole cock she tilted her head back to the stars, and as she began to ride him with soft, sultry moans it became increasingly difficult to distinguish the lights of passion flashing in her vision from the genuine constellations illuminating their sordid, sensual debauchery…

Slim ebony woman in blue lingerie fucked on bar of restaurant overlooking city

Thanks for reading!

The models in this scene are Alexis Tae and Oliver Flynn.

While Tae is a model I’ve not included on my blog so far, I already have another piece supported by her work written up and I sincerely hope to showcase her work many more times in the future. To say she has only been performing since early 2019 she has absolutely smashed her way onto the scene and is a rising star whose career is progressing in leaps and bounds. To be quite frank, I think she’s fucking incredible. Not only do I think she’s stunningly beautiful, but I love her work for the same reason I love that from the likes of Riley Reid or Piper Perri: she proves that you don’t have to have plastic curves and huge tits to be an amazing model. Like other slim, petite models, Tae oozes seduction and sluttiness from every pore and she stays all natural while doing so. I’m quite sure you can expect to see a lot more of her moving forwards, both on my blog and throughout the adult industry in general.

Meanwhile, though you might not have heard of Flynn, he’s actually a pretty high profile male model, he just seems to suffer from the lack of exposure some male models can get in the industry since usually the ladies tend to get more attention (not that I have any problem with that, of course). He often works with such impressive studios as Tushy, Vixen and Deeper, all of which I consider to be some of the best studios creating content today, so if you’re into watching a hot stud show his female co-stars one hell of a good time, you won’t be disappointed by his work.

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