Models: Nicole Aniston, Peta Jensen & Levi Cash

Maisie froze, certain she had heard Brad on the staircase. The sun hadn’t even risen yet and he never woke up early, but it was Christmas morning and knowing her luck today would be the day he’d choose to become an early bird.

Careful not to go too fast, she unwrapped the present as quietly as she could. Every rustle of the paper made her heart thump and she paused frequently to listen for any sound of life upstairs – she could only hope the closed doors would muffle any noise.

Maisie knew Brad wanted to see her open her gift in person, but she just hadn’t been able to resist sneaking out of bed to unwrap it early: he had been going on for weeks about how hot the present he had bought her was, although he had remained tight-lipped on the details. She guessed it was some kind of erotic lingerie or kinky costume – and she couldn’t help but think how horny it would make him to wake up to find her already dressed up and ready to fuck. Now that would be a Christmas to remember.

Finally, she removed the last of the paper. Using scissors to cut into the box, she opened the flaps with trembling fingers. But when she laid eyes on the contents, she frowned.

A chunky gun was nestled in a bed of packing peanuts. It clearly wasn’t a proper firearm – in fact, it looked more like a children’s toy pistol. But the weight as she picked it up assured her it was solid metal and not some cheap plastic replica. A bunch of dials lined the body and handle.

Confused, Maisie turned the strange device over in her hands. She didn’t notice that one of the dials on the gun detailed various female stereotypes. She failed to spot that it was currently set to Trophy Wife. And she didn’t realise the true power of what she was holding until she caught the trigger and a bright flash of pink light filled the room.

Maisie gasped as the Stereotype Gun went off, but not out of shock. Instead, it was an erotic sound as a wave of pleasure washed over her. Although her transformation only took a matter of seconds, over before the flash had even faded, Maisie felt every detail.

Her entire figure burned with orgasmic energy as her slim, unappealing body was moulded into the sultry curves of a perfect bombshell. Her flat chest inflated into huge silicone tits and her bony ass swelled into fat cheeks; her thighs plumped, her stomach toned and her skin tanned. Her mousy brown curled hair unravelled into raven waves that swept down her back and across her shoulders, all while her skinny frame filled out with soft, supple flesh which only accentuated her new curves. Her formerly simple features became astonishingly pretty, her eyes bright with deviant intent.

Once the light waned, she found herself clad in a naughty festive outfit. Vibrant red lingerie decorated with white threading hugged her voluptuous figure while her legs were enveloped in tight white stockings. A pair of towering red platform heels boosted her height and a Santa hat was perched atop her head.

While Maisie had always struck a timid figure, the woman she had become was as imposing as she was enticing – although that wasn’t surprising given that she gained several inches height. Her new tattoos helped too: at least half a dozen adorned her golden flesh and collectively they added a slight edge to her appearance.

Briefly stunned by her transformation, Maisie dropped down onto the sofa.

Her chest heaving, she admired her new body. Arousal coursed through her, as if her blood had been replaced with liquefied lust. But she sensed something deeper than the simple physical desire. It was like unseen hands had reached deep into her psyche and injected it with something naughty, something depraved. Her very soul had been infected with carnal, slutty cravings… and she loved it.

Maisie had never been a prude, but in that moment she felt all her inhibitions simply melting away. She wanted nothing more than to find a hung bull and ride him until they both collapsed from sheer exhaustion. Her new body was perfectly-designed for sex and she ached for the chance to put her incredible figure to the test with a brain-melting fuckfest.

All she needed was somebody to play with.

A devious smile worked across her bright red lips as the thought struck her: she already had somebody to fill that role. At that very moment he was upstairs, oblivious of the erotic transformation that had overcome his girlfriend. All she needed to do was make a few minor improvements…

Lifting the Stereotype Gun delicately from the floor where she had dropped it, Maisie analysed the dials more closely than before.

One was specific to gender with four options: Male, Female, Transgender and Other. Then, dependent on which gender was selected, a separate stereotype dial would light up. Currently set to Female, the stereotypes included Bimbo, Stepford, Dominatrix, and of course Trophy Wife, among many more.

Switching the gender dial to Male, Maisie cycled through the stereotype options one by one. It didn’t take long to find one that took her fancy: Dumb Stud.

Then she was on the move, strutting from the room and up the stairs, following the sounds of Brad’s gentle snoring…

Consciousness came to Brad in waves.

First there was a mild warmth. It started off dull and small, like a light at the end of lengthy tunnel. But as his senses returned the warmth became a heat and the heat became a blaze that engulfed him so completely he could think of nothing else.

Then came the noises: slurping, sucking and little gasps like somebody catching their breath. Gentle groans like somebody indulging in their favourite meal, followed by the occasional yet distinctive wet gagging. All were subtle at first, though like the heat they did not stay that way for long.

He could smell floral perfume. He could sense movement between his legs. He could feel fingers playing across his crotch.

Finally, he opened his eyes.

The lingerie-clad bombshell going down on his thick cock was the hottest woman Brad had ever seen. Her hypnotic eyes were fixed on him as she bobbed up and down, taking his impressive length almost to the base with ease, and her slender fingers worked his shaft with all the experience of a seasoned slut. Her cleavage bounced and jiggled with every roll of her perfect body, as did her fat ass, which was raised high enough that Brad could see the fleshy mounds of her cheeks.

She was a wet dream incarnate. In fact, she was so perfect, Brad struggled to believe he was awake.

Because his mind seemed to be playing tricks on him. For some reason, this wasn’t the woman he had expected to see. He had expected a slim, flat-chested woman. One with curled brown hair and few curves to speak of. Although he couldn’t quite remember her name, he vaguely recalled that she had been important to him once.

More than that, even his own body didn’t look right. For a few seconds he was completely convinced that he had transformed in his sleep. He was sure his cock hadn’t been so large before, nor his muscles, and he was certain both had at least doubled in size. Not to mention how empty his head felt, like the shell of a house with all the furniture removed; whenever he tried to think about anything before he fell asleep, the thoughts were faded and elusive.

And then Brad’s confusion passed and he smiled stupidly down at his cock-hungry wife. ‘Fuck. Yes, slut. Keep going.’

‘Merry Christmas, baby,’ Maisie smiled, pulling back briefly. With her spare hand she pushed the gun further beneath the pillow she’d hidden it under. ‘I couldn’t resist a taste of your candy cane.’

The old Brad would have cringed so hard at a comment like that he might have pulled something, but this new version was more than willing to play along: anything to ensure she didn’t stop. ‘It’s all yours, babe. Just as long as I get to feel up those baubles in your bra later.’

Maisie said nothing. Instead she gave a wicked smile and bowed her head to swallow his cock once more, knowing it was exactly the response Brad had been hoping for.

Closing her eyes, she allowed instinct to take over. The effects of her transformation had been more than just physical; she didn’t even need to think as she went down on him, instead she simply moved with an experience that wasn’t her own, driven by a lust she could not control. The wet heat of his cock in her mouth sent her arousal into overdrive; the erotic ache as he stretched her throat sent her eyes rolling back in her skull; the taste was more potent and addictive than any drug.

The woman she had become needed a man who could truly satisfy all her needs, which was exactly why she had transformed Brad. That, and perhaps a little revenge. She had no doubt he would have used the gun in a similar way on her sooner or later, so as far as she was concerned it was only fair that she gave him a taste of his own medicine. Either way, the old Brad could never have kept pace with the new Maisie. But her inner bitch had wanted to humiliate him by draining her formerly intelligent boyfriend of his intellect, reducing him to her dumb living fucktoy.

Of course, she wouldn’t leave him this way forever. For one thing, there were plenty of other stereotypes she wanted to subject him to – the black bull, for example, was an especially tempting prospect. And she would have been lying if she said a little part of her didn’t want to know what it felt like being an airheaded bimbo for him to use.

But for now, Maisie was going to take full advantage of her new beau and his thick, juicy manhood.

The sound of the doorbell drifted up the stairs.

Brad frowned, his expression fluctuating between puzzled and orgasmic as Maisie continued to sate her carnal hunger. ‘Bit of a weird day for the postman, isn’t it?’ he said.

Although it killed Maisie a little to give up his cock, she knew she would get plenty more later. ‘That’s not the postman, babe. You remember my bestie, Bridgette, right? I called her over while you were sleeping. I thought she might be able to join us for some festive fun.’ Maisie’s smile was pure mischief.

Brad’s face lit up as if all his Christmases had come at once. He suddenly seemed to forget how much he missed her lips around his cock and instead sprang up from the bed. ‘I’ll get it!’ he grinned. The next instant he was out of the door and thundering down the stairs.

‘Bring her inside, baby. I’m right behind you,’ Maisie called after him, a devious expression on her pretty face.

Retrieving the Stereotype Gun from beneath the pillow she switched the gender dial back to Female and twisted through the available options. After a brief pause to deliberate, she settled on Horny Hooker: if she was going to enjoy sharing her new man, she was going to need a slut capable of keeping up with her.

There was a sudden scream from downstairs as Brad opened the door in the nude.

But after Maisie joined them and unleashed a little hedonistic firepower on her friend, Bridgette’s screams shifted rapidly from shocked to aroused. Like Brad, she too succumbed swiftly to her new persona, so it did not take long before the transformed trio had abandoned all their morals and allowed their desire to consume them completely.

And as they fucked themselves into mindless euphoria, the Stereotype Gun sat atop the mantelpiece, twinkling like a fallen star. Just waiting to induce their next transformation…

Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas! Okay, so I’m not really expecting anyone to actually read this on the day it goes out, but if you are, I hope you’re having a great day whether you celebrate Christmas or not. And if you’re not reading this on the day it goes out then hey, thanks for coming back to read it!

Well-versed fans of TG erotica may know that the Stereotype Gun concept was first concocted by Shadow (of Shadow Inspire Captions) whose work you can find on their blog – here: – and Twitter – here: As far as I can remember this is the first foray I’ve made into Stereotype Gun stories but I definitely enjoyed it. The story is a little more disjointed than I’d like, but at one point it was going to much longer and way more convoluted, so I’m just happy I was able to hone it down to a fairly short and sexy piece. I hope I did Shadow’s idea justice and I urge you to go and check out their great content if you enjoyed this. Or if you didn’t. Either way, Shadow is great, so go support them!


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