Petite blonde woman makes love to muscular man on bed

Clutching the sheets with trembling knuckles, Hayley’s breath came in excited little gasps punctuated by breathless squeaks. The man’s broad fingers brushed over her skin, warm and rough as he clutched her delicate body. He cupped her ass, caressed soft back, held her shivering flanks. She felt like a porcelain doll in his hands, fragile and certain to break if he used her too hard.

But then having him use her was worth the risk. Even if she had shattered into countless pieces by the time he finished with her she could not imagine asking him to stop. He was too perfect for that. His thick cock delving into her wet cunt was a sensory overload of the best kind. Her hot lips clung to his shaft, rubbing and squeezing with an almost desperate desire as he fucked her. All the while he was stretching her innocent hole, filling her in a way she had never imagined. Sure, she had used toys before, but this was different. He was hot, and smooth, and his throbbing cock combined the soft surface of her silicone toys with the unyielding rigidity of her metal ones.

Her lover eased his head down then, taking one of her nipples into his wet lips. His tongue played over the tip, the pressure and heat of his mouth bringing it to a firm point within a matter of seconds, and she could feel the tickle of his facial hair prickling over her breast. He was experienced (though his relentless thrusts had taught her that already) and his broad oral muscle weaved this way and that in response to her tremulous breaths.

God, she didn’t even know his name! How could she have impaled herself on his cock so eagerly without even knowing his name? This what not the woman she was. Still, that wasn’t to say this wasn’t the woman she wanted to be, and when it came down to it that was how this had all come about.

All her life Hayley had been shy. In school she had been the type of girl who sat quietly in the corner of any class she was in, and when she had started her basic office job that trend had continued. Despite this, she had always wanted to be more. She envied the girls who could walk up to the hottest guys and seduce them with barely a word said so much it was physically painful, but she was even jealous of the ones who could simply talk to a guy. She had never been able to do that; her words always came out jumbled and humiliating, and after a handful of embarrassing rejections she had stopped trying long ago.

The spell had simply been a way of boosting her confidence. For one whole day she would agree to anything asked of her, while also bestowed with the self-belief required to put herself out there, so to speak. No sooner had she cast it than she felt a pleasant warmth in her chest and an urge to go shopping for a new outfit: she often wanted to, but rarely had the confidence to go out shopping by herself.

Perhaps inevitably, her esteem boost had led her to the club that night, radiant in her new dress and ready to drink in the stares of every man who laid eyes on her. And drink them in she had. Having so many men shamelessly admire her slender figure and smooth legs had filled her with an excited buzz, and for the first time in her life she had felt desirable. More than that, she had felt craved. She had been able to see it in the eyes of her admirers – primal lust swamped their thoughts as they stared at her, and she could not deny how good it felt.

Sooner or later one of them was bound to make a move, and she was now riding the one who had. He was a slightly older man, but that had only enticed her, and he had been suave and smooth, not to mention sexy in his tight black shirt. Of course, when he had asked her if she had wanted to join him back at his place the spell had ensured she agreed, and their night had been spent tangled up together beneath his sheets.

Waking up in his arms, however, she had been compelled to do something even more out of character, and he had moaned in his sleep before waking with a smile to find her lips wrapped around his delicious cock.

Now, as he used that cock to fill her tight, innocent hole, she felt as though she was finally the woman she was supposed to be. She could be the beautiful one, she could be the confident one. And if she knew one thing it was that she was going to be saying yes a lot more often.

Just then her lover came hard. They moaned together as he filled her with his hot seed, pumping into her until it felt as though her insides were on fire. Gyrating her hips, she milked him of everything he had before sliding herself free.

On unsteady knees, she was drawn to the window. It looked out on the city below, and the morning sun was low in the sky. She supported herself on the glass and sighed happily as she felt a droplet of cum trickle down her inner thigh. Scooping it up she licked her finger clean and savoured the salty taste.

Behind her, the man admired her tight ass and stroked his hard cock slowly. ‘I don’t suppose you’re up round two, are you?’ he asked.

As he spoke, Ashley felt a sudden absence within her. The spell had worn off, melting away like an overnight frost at dawn, and she knew she could say no if that was what she wanted. But the void left by the spell was quickly swamped by the woman she had become in only a day. The spell might have been gone, but she no longer needed it anyway: she was the woman she had always wanted to be, and she did not need magic to mould her anymore.

Turning from the window she eyed his cock and smiled, a single familiar word on her lips: ‘Yes…’

Petite blonde woman stands naked at window smiling

Thanks for reading!

Another one of those stories from my backlog where the images associated with the scene simply didn’t fit with the work as well as the gifs I already had, upon reading this story I was reminded how hot self-modification can be. The premise of a shy nerdy girl using a little magic to improve herself has always been hot to me, but I personally think this is the best iteration of that concept I’ve ever written (so far) and it’s one I’m sure I’ll be proud of for a long time to come.

The female model in this piece is Sammie Daniels. Daniels is one of those models whose work I don’t find myself actively seeking out, but when I come across it I’m always glad I have. For those who are into petite blondes, you can’t go wrong with Daniels and all the work I’ve seen of hers is astoundingly hot, so I highly recommend you check her out.

The male model, meanwhile, is the incredible Tommy Gunn. Frankly, if you’re a porn fan and you haven’t seen Gunn’s work, I don’t know what you’ve been doing really. Gunn has worked with just about every model in the business and given he’s been a mainstream male model for the better part of two decades that’s hardly a surprise. For those of you who are into slightly older guys making love to beautiful women, Gunn’s work is definitely for you so be sure to take a look.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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