Models: Aaliyah Love, Cherie Deville & Mark White

Quivering like a leaf in an autumn gale, Herb pulled his threadbare blanket tighter around his shoulders and knocked on the door. Weakened by the cold, his bony fingers could only muster a few meagre thumps. Still, he soon heard someone approaching.

When the door opened, his eyes bulged. The beautiful blonde was dressed in next to nothing. Aside from her crushed velvet lingerie – festively red and trimmed with faux white fur – she wore only a matching capelet secured by a silver chain, and a pair of chunky heeled boots which gave her at least an inch over Herb’s hunched frame. She didn’t seem to care that Herb was staring. In fact, her smile implied she rather enjoyed it.

Averting his eyes, Herb found his voice. ‘Sorry to bother you, miss. Could you spare a little change or leftover food for a poor, hungry beggar?’

The woman’s eyes glittered mischievously. ‘Oh, I can do better than that.’

Snatching up a small perfume bottle from beside the door, she sprayed several puffs into Herb’s face before he could respond. He just managed to glimpse the Slut Industries logo on the side before pleasure swamped his system and all his thoughts scattered. He was powerless to resist as she bundled him inside and locked the door behind them.

As she guided him along, Herb transformed in her arms. It felt as if he was being burned up from the inside, white-hot ecstasy searing through his veins.

His time on the streets had left his hair long and tangled, but now glossy blonde washed through the mucky brown, sloughing off his tatty wool hat to tumble down around contracting shoulders. As they shrank, his clothes fell away, leaving his hairy, unwashed body exposed. But that body was changing too. His body hair withered as all the dirt and grim faded, every scar and bruise and imperfection wiped away by unseen hands. The skin left behind was soft and supple, betraying all the creams and lotions and balms this new version of Herb was accustomed to using.

The loss of his rags revealed a surprising replacement: lingerie. A red mesh body now clutched his figure. Already, his bust was swelling to fill the cups, his plump tits immediately aching with arousal as the lace rubbed over aroused nipples. Gaunt from hunger, he actually had to gain weight to fill the body: his prominent ribs were blanketed by layers of soft flesh as his ass engorged rapidly, inflating further and further until he was sure the lace would split at the seams.

Herb shuddered as a surge of heat rose in his crotch. The sensation was so powerful it stole the strength from his legs – the only reason he remained standing was the support of the woman who had done this to him. Biting his lip, he tried to stifle a groan. But with a burst of pleasure his cock shrank away, shattering his resistance as it did, and an orgasmic moan tore from his lips as his new pussy pulsed with arousal.

It wasn’t far between the door and the lounge – a few metres at best – but by the time the woman led him inside Herb was unrecognisable. Missing teeth had regrown into a dazzling smile. His unkempt beard was gone. His sallow complexion was warm and healthy. And his weathered features had reformed into the delicate, sultry face of a gorgeous middle-aged goddess.

It took a moment for Herb to notice the handsome man lounging on the sofa.

The woman smiled impishly at him. ‘Hey baby, look who I found on our doorstep.’ Dropping to her knees, she caressed Herb’s hairless legs and plump ass, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on the man. ‘Isn’t she perfect? Just wait until you feel how soft she is. And she’s horny too – I can feel her shaking.’

The man eyed Herb hungrily. ‘I’m not surprised, it’s freezing out there. So I guess it’s a good thing we’re here to give her some shelter.’ His voice was calm, but his grin was wicked.

‘Mmmh, you’re right, babe. I think we should heat her up a little, don’t you?’

‘My thoughts exactly,’ the man nodded.

Rising to his feet, the man strode across to join them. While the woman remained on her knees and began to kiss Herb’s thighs, the man drew Herb against his chest. His hands were hot and firm on Herb’s body, sending fresh arousal blossoming through his feminine form.

A shiver ran up Herb’s spine, and it had nothing to do with the cold. Because the woman was right: he was horny. Their hot bodies pressing against him, their warm hands eagerly exploring his transformed figure – even just the lust in their eyes, it was all doing strange things to him. His mind began to conjure up all manner of sordid thoughts of what they were about to do to him… and what he wanted to do to them.

‘Right about now it’s hitting you,’ the man said, taking Herb’s chin in his hand. ‘The lust. The need for sex. The need to fuck and be fucked until you can’t think straight. Lucky for you, we know just how to satisfy those needs.’

‘I… I don’t understand…’ Herb said, trying not to imagine himself riding the man’s cock.

‘Oh, it’s just our little game. That spray turns you into a hot, naughty slut and sends your libido through the roof at the same time – basically, it makes you our bitch. In this body you’re so horny you’ll do anything for us if it means we’ll let you cum. You’re not the first visitor we’ve used it on. Pizza delivery drivers. Missionaries and workmen. Salesmen and scammers. We’ve fucked all of them. Once we’ve had our fun a face full of reversal spray transforms them back and wipes their memory.’

Down below, the woman wore a devilish smile. ‘Don’t you think we could keep her though? All those others had someone to miss them, but nobody is going to come looking for this little tramp.’

 ‘You’re right, babe. Besides, we’ve been saying we want a live-in whore for ages, and she does need a place to stay.’ The man grinned, closing one hand around Herb’s neck and leaning in close with a cold gleam in his eye. ‘Everybody wins.’

Herb couldn’t help himself: he groaned. It didn’t matter that they had transformed him against his will, the thought of being used as their personal living sex toy had his new pussy dripping wet. Without even thinking what he was doing, he slipped one hand down to massage the man’s crotch.

‘I think she likes that idea,’ the woman purred.

‘So do I,’ the man agreed. ‘And I think it’s about time we showed this stupid slut some hospitality.’

The woman’s eyes lit up and she jumped to her feet to press herself against the man’s chest. ‘Oh, can I go first baby? Please? I want to use my present.’

‘Of course you can, gorgeous. That’s why I bought it for you.’ He chuckled as the woman bounced over to the Christmas tree and began rummaging amongst the boxes underneath. A few seconds later she turned around holding a pristine strap-on, the silicone dildo gleaming. Stripping down, she immediately began wriggling into it.

‘I promise you, you’re going to enjoy,’ the man said. ‘Maybe even more than us. After all, your new body was made for sex, and we’re going to remind you of it every single day. From now on, the only thing you’ll be begging for is more.’

‘Yes, master,’ Herb breathed, the words slipping out before he could stop them.

The man grinned but said nothing. Instead he twisted Herb to face the woman, who was now stood stark naked with the strap-on hugging her broad hips. Her rubber cock bobbed gently as she summoned Herb with a beckoning finger.

‘Get over here, slut. Come and let your mistress pound those tight holes of yours…’

Thanks for reading!

It’s Christmas Eve! This story is one of my favourites of my Christmas slate because it’s both simple and twisted and that’s the perfect combo in my opinion. There’s less sex in this one than my normal stories, but that’s something I’ve tried to experiment with in these festive stories because I worry it will get boring having every story just hit the same beats of transformation into sex scene. I’d be curious to know your opinions on if you prefer to see the sex or if you like things being left to the imagination, so comment down below if you have a preference.

Also a quick note to say I’m not 100% certain the male model is Mark White. As far as I can find, that’s his name, but it’s difficult to say for certain since this is a POV scene and he’s not really credited very well for this scene. Still, I’ve credited him since I’m as confident as I can be that it’s him.


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