The Colours of Passion: Lola

Woman dons garter belt

Alone in the opulent room, Lola mentally apologised to her sister as she slipped into her new clothes.

Hearing Jessie’s hushed whimpering in that room had been heart-breaking to hear. Despite knowing the punishment she would receive, Lola had automatically spoken up in her sister’s defence. The zap of the electric prod had been hot on her skin, the pain inducing a shudder through her body, but she had done her best to maintain her composure. With any luck her resilience and comforting words might help her sister survive her new life, yet now all she could do was silently apologise for the hollow truth in them.

Lola knew there was no escaping this life. Despite her words to the contrary, the reassurance of her sister had been a façade and, in all honesty, Lola had left any hope of escape back in that ballroom. Now she was somewhere deeper in the house, and she knew full well even if she somehow managed to pick her way through the maze of corridors she would be caught again before she made the end of the drive.

What surprised her most, however, was how little she seemed to care. Guided through the house from the ballroom with Jessie by her side she had been able to sense the fear of her sister. Lola’s sister had always been the more innocent between them and despite Jessie’s best efforts to conceal her fright she had done a poor job of it. Yet barely had she left the room in which Jessie had been left to wait for her new owner than a soft calm had overwhelmed her.

She had vaguely heard the man leading her by her leash greet and briefly converse with a passing gentleman by the name of Mr. Long, but she paid the two men little heed for she was lost in her thoughts.

For all that she was apprehensive, she was also excited. Though she would never admit it to anyone, this kind of situation had been a fantasy of hers for some time. Not quite everything about it had panned out how she would have wanted – her father selling her into slavery had not been part of her desires, for example – but there were things about tonight that had already stimulated her arousal more than she liked to admit. Having the bidding men look at her like an object to be owned had been oddly liberating, as though the weight of her uncertain future – from career to marriage – no longer mattered anymore. As for the men themselves, though it was true there had been some vile specimens in the crowd, her fondness for one night stands and casual encounters had taught her that the sexual experience was about far more than a ripped body. Her taste in men was significantly broader than her sister’s, she knew that, and as she had surveyed the room she had spotted more than a few bidders who, in another setting, she would be rather attracted to.

As such her apprehension stemmed more from the uncertainty of who had purchased her, not the sudden change in direction her future had taken. In her eyes this new course held plenty of promise – no deadbeat father, no gossiping colleagues at work, and no shame in exploring her wilder side.

Blonde woman puts on leather collar over barcode tattoo on nape

The auction attendant had led her up flights of stairs and along carpeted corridors with her blindfold firmly in place. Only once they had arrived in a bedroom had he removed it.

The room looked as though it had been plucked from an entirely different building to the ornate wooden ballroom she had last seen for it was all white décor and minimalist design. Laid out on the bed were a fresh set of clothes, and before he had even asked her to do so she had started to change into them: the sooner she was changed, the sooner she met her owner.

As the attendant left her to it she quickly donned the outfit – the sleek stockings, the lace garter belt, the leather cuffs and heels – and now she slipped on the penultimate piece. A slim leather collar, it slid over the barcode tattoo on the back of her neck she had received on a drunken night out as though it was made for her. Following this she tied a thin lace veil over her eyes and sighed with satisfaction.

The whole ensemble felt comfortable. No, more than that, it felt right. It felt like she had been searching for the perfect look all her life and now, wearing little at all, she had finally found it.

Kneeling on the bed she waited for her owner to arrive.

He did not take long. After a few minutes the door rasped open, but rather than turn to look she waited for him to enter her field of vision. She knew how this worked: obedience was rewarded. And she had the sense she would enjoy her reward very much.

The man stalked around to face her and to her relief the concern over his appearance instantly dissolved. The man was gorgeous, with an athletic figure and features that looked as though they had been carved by a sculpting prodigy. If he made love half as well as he made her swoon, she knew she would be in for a very satisfying future indeed. And based on the rising bulge in his trousers it looked like she would find out soon enough.

Catching himself staring, the man fixed her with a piercing look. This time, as he came around the side of the bed, Lola allowed herself to follow his movement.

A smile spread across his lips. ‘Forgive me for staring, my dear, it’s just that I have not seen a prize like you come through the auction for quite some time. I knew I could not let you go to some dirty old man with too much retirement money. They would only use you in poor taste. Personally I prefer to explore the wilder side of sexual experience, and I could not imagine a more beautiful woman to do so with than you. I can only hope you like what you see as much as I admire you.’

‘I do,’ she said softly.

‘And what are your sexual tastes?’

‘There are many flavours more thrilling than vanilla, if you understand me.’

The man grinned. Reaching for his zipper he watched her slink across the bed to him and grinned even wider. Unzipping it, he pulled out his cock which she eyed up hungrily.

‘You know, I think we are going to get along very well. My name is Henry. Before we begin I should like to know yours. Your real name, I mean, not your lot number.’

‘Lola,’ she purred, ‘Lola Anderson.’

‘Well then, Lola Anderson, why don’t you show me what you’re made of?’

For a fraction of a second Lola held back. Thoughts of Jessie swirled through her head. Her sister was somewhere in this building, maybe still in that room waiting to be collected. She was scared and confused, maybe in the clutches of some twisted man. But Lola could not help her. For all that she loved her sister her fantasy was becoming reality and her arousal was blocking out rational thought.

Then, from somewhere else in the old building she heard a desperate moan. It sounded horny, passionate, and undercutting it was the faint drumming of running water. The erotic noise shattered Lola’s hesitancy and she sank her head to swallow Henry’s cock.

Blonde woman in lingerie with black veil over eyes gives oral sex to man in suit

With his strong hand gently guiding her, she was soon in a rhythm. The bedroom swirled with increasingly wet noises as her saliva coated his rigid meat, while Lola quickly lost herself to the passion of her new life.

Just as she had hoped, Henry was not just long but thick, a trait she had found to be far more sensual than mere length during her numerous sexual encounters. There was a strength to his cock that told her he would have no issues using her holes with any level of roughness he desired, and as she ran her fingers along the shaft she could feel how hard he really was. It was an arousing thing knowing she was the one who had turned his cock hard as concrete, an arousal which only served to encourage her movements.

Sucking deeply, she allowed his hands to rove across her body and really explore her for the first time. He brushed knuckles over her nipples, stroked her curves, ran fingers through her hair, caressed her cheek with a soft thumb. Then he stretched to reach further back and she let out a little gasp as the tip of his finger explored her winking ass.

‘Ah, that reminds me,’ he said, rolling his hips softly, ‘I have something for you.’ From the pocket of his blazer he produced a small golden butt plug capped with a shimmering jewel.

A thrill of excitement cut through Lola’s body: she had never tried a butt plug before, though she had always wanted to. As if she could not have fallen more in lust with her new owner, now he was about to fulfil another of her greatest fantasies. She wasn’t sure if she could cope.

Reaching down, he inadvertently thrust himself down her throat to the base and they both moaned at the sensation. Unwilling to pull away, Lola remained hooked on his cock as she waited for him to insert the toy.

When it came, the tip of the plug was cold against her ass, though it rapidly warmed as he began to ease it inside. She knew insertion would be far easier with lube, but the absence of it meant he had to go slower, allowing her to savour every second of the act. The plug stretched her almost to the brink of pain, but just when she thought she was about to break her anal muscles closed around the neck and all at once she was full.

She moaned hard, barely able to contain her lust. The sudden pleasure was so intense, in fact, that she struggled to stay up on all fours, her arms and legs weakening beneath her. Still, she was unwilling to release his cock and she ended up looking like a flopping fish dragged from the river on his cock.

Noting her lack of strength, Henry eased her from his dick and down onto her back, where she lay breathlessly. Sinking down onto the bed with her, he pressed up against her naked back. The weight of his cock lay over her inner thigh, teasing her, setting her pussy dripping. Before he moved to enter her, however, there was something he wanted to do first.

‘I know I left this for you, but this veil has to come off. I want to see the look in those beautiful eyes when I use you.’ Reaching up he untied the strip of lace and dropped it onto the floor, before taking her in his strong hands and positioning her to his liking.

Then, with one smooth thrust, he was inside her.

Blonde woman in stockings taken from behind by man in suit

Lola had experienced her fair share of cocks, yet all of them paled into insignificance when compared to his. She was unsure if it was the rapid realisation of her darkest fantasies or the simple, unbridled passion they each exuded, but one way or the other he filled her with more lust than she had ever felt for one person. Stretching and filling her in equal measure, he knew just how to move to send shudders through her body and before long she was moaning shamelessly, lost in adoration for the glimpse of their future he was showing her.

The more he thrust, the more she wanted him, especially when he slowed down to tease her. In these periods, his dick rolling in and out over what felt like eons, she would reach back and pull her ass cheeks with her manicured nails. Though the motion succeeded in spreading her pussy a fraction and allowing her to take him a little deeper, it also had the effect of twisting the plug in her ass.

The sudden shift of weight drew gasps from her lips which, happily, appeared to serve as Henry’s kryptonite. He could not hear those innocent moans without taking her firmly and fucking her faster, which in itself prompted a sensual cycle: the faster he fucked her, the more the plug shifted, thus the more she groaned and the faster he fucked her.

Still, despite his passionate skill, soon Lola needed more of him. And she knew just how to get it.

Blonde woman with jewelled butt plug in ass rides man wearing suit

Rolling her lover onto his back she swiftly mounted him and got to work riding his magnificent cock. With Henry filling her so deeply, for the first time in her life she felt truly complete. It was as though he was the missing piece to a puzzle she never knew she had been trying to solve, and now she had found him there was no possible way she could ever let him go.

The rest of Lola’s night was lost in a blur of passion and desire. By the time she fell to sleep in the arms of her owner she had found a peace the likes of which she had never imagined she could achieve, her arm littered with red pinch marks from the numerous times throughout the night she had checked to see she wasn’t dreaming.

The following morning they resumed their passion and it was some time before they began to make preparations for leaving the auction house. While Lola was packing away Henry’s things, she heard him talking on the phone, though she could not have anticipated how incredible the news he would come back with was.

To her ecstasy, it seemed her sister had also chanced upon a wonderful new life with the man who had purchased her. Jessie’s lover was a good friend of Henry’s who lived not far away and the two men had agreed the sisters be allowed to see one another whenever they pleased.

For Lola, her dreams had come true, and even better her sister was now able to experience them alongside her. She and Henry only fell deeper into one another’s thrall as timed moved on, yet for them the auction house was always the most special place to make love. As the place they had first embarked on their twisted, perfect journey together, it bought out the naughtiest side of them. And always, no matter who was around to see them, Lola was more than happy to remind Henry why he had purchased her in the first place…

Blonde woman gives man in suit oral sex on sofa in opulent room

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I said pretty much everything about this little duology in Jessie’s story, so all that really needs be said here is that the model in this story is Chloe Lacourt. PornHub profile here: Full disclosure, Lacourt is a model I am entirely unfamiliar with. Unlike other models I have used before I don’t believe I’ve seen anything of her work other than what I used in this scene, so I can’t really give an informed opinion on her content. Having said that, the two scenes I used in this piece contained some excellent work and if you enjoyed this piece I’d say she is definitely worth checking out. Another niche model like Volt, based on what I have seen of her I’d say she deserves more recognition than she currently has.

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  1. Wonderful story with a glorious ending, both sisters found happiness in an unexpected place!
    As always great writing, kudos to you

    1. Thank you very much! It’s one of my favourite releases so I’m happy to hear it went down well despite a lack of magic or physical transformations

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