The Colours of Passion: Jessie

Grayscale image of two blonde women in lingerie on leashes led blindfolded by man in suit

For all that she followed the man obediently trying to put on the impression of calm, all Jessie could think of was running. Her mind raced as she walked, screaming at her to wrench the chain from the man’s hand, tear off her blindfold and run far away from this isolated place.

But then, that was exactly the problem: once she was out, she had nowhere to go. All she knew of the place was that it was nowhere she knew.

The men had been careful when transporting their prizes. Just like all the other women she had been kept sedated for the duration of the journey, so there was no hope of her finding her way back home of her own accord. What was more, in the brief moments she had been without her blindfold she had taken the opportunity to look out of the windows: countryside. Fields and hedges and winding lanes as far as the eye could see in every direction. Wherever they were, it was miles away from any other form of civilisation and even if she somehow evaded the torch beams of every man in the mansion – of which there were many – given that her entire outfit consisted of stockings and suspenders, she would surely die of cold in the frosty night before she could make it somewhere safe.

Besides, even if she overcame all the odds and survived her escape, where would she go? She could hardly go home. Waiting for her there was the same man who had sold her off to these strangers in the first place: her father. He had never truly loved her at all, she knew that, but at least in her early years he had made the effort to at least fake affection.

After her mother had left him for a man half his age and he had been saddled with Jessie and her sister, however, he had become outright detestable. She didn’t know how he had found the men but, from what she had overheard, no sooner had he made contact with them than he had leapt at the chance to sell his daughters into slavery. Based on the sophistication of the scheme she could only imagine the cover story the men had cooked up and implemented for their disappearance.

Her sister, Lola, strode along beside her. They were twins, though not identical, and though she realised it made little sense her sister’s presence soothed Jessie a little.

Not that it would last for much longer. They had each been ushered onto the sales podium in the ballroom separately, and each had been purchased for an ungodly sum of money by different masters. Though she tried desperately not to think about it, Jessie knew this was likely the last time she would ever see her sister.

She wanted to scream and fight and scratch and bite to stay with the only part of her life that made sense anymore, but she was too terrified to even lift a finger against the man. For one thing, he carried an electric prod he had already established he was not afraid to use, giving them both a low voltage test of to ensure they knew where they stood before they left the ballroom. More intimidating, her captors had explained that disruptive slaves were not popular among the customers, however there was a certain demographic of buyer who specifically sought those slaves who were ‘frightened lambs’, as they called them. These men had been pointed out to her among the crowds and she had no wish to fall prey to their vile desires.

Though she could not see through her thick blindfold, she could hear enough to make a guess at what was happening. The wind howled outside and her heels clicked on the marble floors, eventually echoing through empty rooms as the hubbub of the auction faded away. They passed through several doors, the grunts of the man as he opened them and the weighted groan as they swung wide informing her that they were old and wooden.

After some time the man ordered them to stop. All at once his hands were around Jessie’s head and he unbound her blindfold and let it fall to the floor.

Historically opulent as the mansion was, dominated by coats of arms and every conceivable surface fashioned from bare wood or stone, it was also notably modern, and the room in which she found herself was sparsely yet fashionably furnished. In the centre of the room stood a small table. On one side sat a plush, ornate throne. On the other, a simple chair of wood and metal with a lengthy, life-like dildo attached to the seat.

Before she even saw the smirk on the man’s face, she knew what was about to happen.

With her vision restored, she took the time to look at her sister for the last time. Like her, Lola was wearing very little. Fortunately, her long blonde hair conserved a little of her modesty by concealing her breasts, as did Jessie’s to a lesser extent. Unlike her sister though Lola wore lace panties along with her stockings and suspenders.  Nevertheless, her raw sexual appeal was more than evident given the extensive flesh on display. Jessie hated to think of some rich bastard defiling her sister’s perfect body, yet she knew she was powerless to prevent it.

Grayscale image of blonde woman in lingerie lowering herself onto chair with dildo attached to seat

‘Sit,’ barked the man, indicating the chair. ‘Align yourself, then sit.’

Fearful of enraging him and inciting the use of the electric prod, Jessie nodded and skirted around the chair. Hovering over it briefly she forced herself not to pause and instead slowly lowered herself until she felt the head of the dildo brush against her skin: a little too far back. Easing forward to align the toy with her quivering pussy she began to slowly sink down.

It was big, bigger than anything she had ever had in her pussy before. The head alone stretched her more than any of her toys, and though she had never taken a real dick before she could still tell the contours of the toy were incredibly realistic. With the head inside, she could not imagine taking any more: the width was more than she had expected and she shivered imagining the full toy inside her.

Grayscale image of blonde woman  in lingerie gasping as she is pushed down onto chair with dildo attached to seat

The man’s hand on her shoulder was strong and unexpected, both of which ensured she had no chance to resist before he had forced her down fully onto the dildo. She let out a strident cry as it plunged inside, filling her up like nothing ever had before.

He held her there, her chest heaving breathlessly. A cold chuckle rose on his lips as she tried to suppress her pleasure.

Jessie had never expected it to feel so good and she had no wish to suggest she was enjoying the sensation even a little with her sister in the room, but she was unable to hold back the shudders of pleasure that culminated in little gasps of satisfaction.

‘What the fuck are you doing to my sister?’ Lola’s voice was edged with poison, and Jessie was reminded how her sister had always been the more rebellious of them. ‘I swear to God, you harm a hair on her head and I’ll fucking –’

The rest of her threat was cut off as the man jabbed the prod into Lola’s ribs. She let out a shrill grunt before taking a moment to catch her breath. Thinking better of insulting her captor, Lola addressed Jessie instead. ‘I promise, Jess, everything is going to be okay. We’re going to get out of this, I’ll make sure of it. It’s all going to be okay. Okay?’

‘Uh-huh,’ Jessie replied, unable to form proper words. Even the most imperceptible movements sent ripples of pleasure tearing through her system and somehow the fact she had been forced onto it made them all the more erotic.

The man laughed. ‘Stupid sluts. You, stay here. Your owner will be here for you shortly. You, foul mouth, follow me.’

Dragging Lola from the room by her collar, he laughed again as the woman continued to reassure her sister. Despite the explosions that broke through her body as she moved, Jessie turned to watch as they left, staring after her sister until the door had closed behind them and drowned out her words.

The door closed, Jessie turned back to the table and let out a deep, shuddering moan; the kind that could only be held in for so long but would have utterly given away how horny she was to her sister. Supporting herself on the glass top her breathing came in deep lungsful.

She had never taken anything so big. As a result, she had never understood quite how it felt to be so utterly full.

Yet she was conflicted. As good as it felt, she knew this was wrong. She had just been sold at an auction, her practically naked figure inspected by dozens of men planning on making a purchase. Her own father had sold her into this life and now she awaited the man who had purchased her. It was all so wrong. How could anything feel good when she was in such a deeply horrifying predicament?

Her mind wandered as she waited. The initial shocking pleasure of the toy plateaued and she began to grow accustomed to it, though it did nothing to dull her apprehension. She had not seen the man who had placed the winning bid, at least not in full. There had been so many men in that room it had been difficult to pick them apart, especially beneath the spotlight shining down on the podium. All she had seen was the hand he had raised: strong, lightly-tanned, protruding from the cuff of a crisp suit. She had no inkling as to his age, nor anything else save that hand.

At that moment the door behind her opened and closed. Her heart beat a nervous tattoo as she listened to his breathing and the slow yet deliberate tread as he crossed over to her.

For all her fear, she could not hold back a little gasp as he tangled his rugged fingers her sleek blonde locks.

Rounding the table to sit on the throne, he smirked as she stared in amazement. He was unlike anything she had expected. Most of the men in the room had been either ageing or mundane, and she had not seen anybody she might have been naturally attracted to. But he was nothing like any of them. The man was ruggedly handsome with a fine layer of stubble dashed across his jaw, an athletic figure and an aura about him that whispered of mystery and dominance. His eyes were like black diamonds nestled beneath a strong brow and they glittered with unknown intent as he analysed her body. He wore his sleek suit it casually, blazer and waistcoat open, top button of his shirt undone and his tie just a little loose. Somehow the style made her wonder what was hidden beneath far more than had the pristinely buttoned attire of his competing bidders.  

‘You seem shocked,’ he said.

‘I… I was expecting someone different.’

He chuckled. ‘I’m not surprised. The men at these auctions aren’t always the most attractive. What is your name?’

Jessie remembered that the men had told her to recite her sales number if anybody asked her name. ‘Lot thirty-five.’

He shook his head. ‘No, no. What is your name? I’m Patrick. Patrick Long. Who are you?’

She glanced down bashfully. ‘Jessie. Jessie Anderson.’

He rose sharply. ‘Well, Jessie Anderson, I think we are going to get along very well. I have an eye for a good woman and I can assure you I am nothing like the sleazy old men you saw in that ballroom. I may own you now, but that does not mean you won’t enjoy it. Here, let me help you up.’

His skin was rough as he laid his hands on her, yet his touch was gentle. Hushing her softly he eased her up off the dildo, soothing her moans with quiet words of reassurance. Once it was removed he guided her to his chest, which she cuddled into briefly.

Perhaps this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

Looping his arm around her waist he led her from the room. Were it not for her nakedness they might have been an ordinary couple, strolling through the lavish corridors side-by-side. As they walked Patrick would point out interesting statuettes or tapestries and briefly explain what they were in tones she found strangely soothing. She felt comfortable in his presence and she allowed herself a demure smile when, after ascending a sweeping staircase, he opened the door to one of the many bedrooms and stood aside for her to enter first.

The room was the picture of wealth, every inch designed in expensive taste from the enormous four-poster bed with silver satin curtains and plush white duvet, to the rich wooden wardrobes carved along the edges with twirling impressions of ivy and flowers. She was so absorbed by the room she did not hear the rustle of his shirt behind her.

‘Remove your stockings,’ he said. Turning to him her cheeks flushed at the sight of his naked chest, his shirt, waistcoat and blazer folded neatly on a pouffe beside him. His attire was not deceptive: he had the body of an athlete. Broad shoulders, firm six pack and thick arms, he could have made most of the women she knew swoon with just a passing glance.

‘I thought it might be nice for us to shower together.’ There was no shame or hesitation as he unzipped his trousers and removed them along with his boxers. Stood naked before her a smile playing across his lips. ‘Like what you see?’

Jessie had thought the dildo was big, but now she truly understood the definition of the word. Semi-erect, his meat looked heavy and thick, and despite herself she began to salivate at the thought of what it might taste like, to drip at the thought of it plunging between her thighs. She thought briefly of her sister – Lola’s rebellious streak had made her the more promiscuous of the two and Jessie wondered if this strange attraction was how her sister often felt in the presence of men she had just met – only for her tentative arousal to push the thought aside.

In an attempt to occupy herself with something other than staring, she muttered a quiet apology and turned away to remove her stockings. All at once he was behind her and she could feel his slowly rising boner between her thighs. She strangled the gasp in her throat but it still escaped as a quivering moan. A visible shiver tickled her spine as she felt the warmth of his chest swell across her back.

Wordlessly he led her into the en suite, which housed a large walk-in shower. Guiding her in, he turned on the shower and stood beneath it with her. For some time they stared at one another, the water drumming against their skin. Then he leaned in and kissed her passionately before spinning her round with his strong hands, bending her over, lifting one leg and thrusting inside her.

Blonde woman and muscular man have sex in shower

Jessie’s world exploded as he invaded her hole. It was like she had been living her entire life in black and white and now, with him, it was bursting with colour.

It wasn’t just the sex, it was the passion he exuded, the care he took to work her like a delicate instrument. Each thrust was calculated, each whisper in her ear carefully selected to drive them both further into sensual unity. Jessie had watched enough porn to know that sex in the almost overwhelming majority of cases was just mindless fucking. But this was more: this was making love. She realised now that unlike all of the men in that room, Patrick had no desire to own her body. He wanted to own her soul and he wanted her to hand it over willingly.

Tossing her head back she moaned as fireworks erupted through her body. ‘Oh God, take me. I never thought it could be this good. Why am I loving this?’

Thrusting deeper he shifted a hand over her pussy and began to rub her clit with two fingers. They were rough on her skin, but his toying was tender and experienced and she briefly wondered how many other women he had practiced on.

The greatest shock was that it didn’t seem to matter. It was not as though she was his fiancée, or his girlfriend – they weren’t exclusive. They were purely lovers. If anything she had a sudden drive to bring more women to serve him if it would please him. She couldn’t understand how her fear had melted into unbridled desire, but as he made love to her she cared less and less.

‘Because there is a part of you that craves submission and sex and this is the first time anybody has ever allowed you to discover that. You want to submit to me, don’t you? I could see it in your eyes the moment I sat across from you at that table. You know nobody else can make you feel this way, because the men in that room see you as a toy, and the men out in the world see you as a lover. To me, you are both. You are my toy and my lover. And you love that, don’t you?’

‘Fuck,’ she gasped, his words breaking down her understanding of reality and revealing hidden truths she had not even known of herself, ‘fuck, you’re right. I want to be yours, always. Please, I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I don’t want to live with a father who hates me or have to work a job that will take me nowhere. I can’t go back knowing what submission is. Please, don’t let me go.’

Pushing her up against the wall he thrust deeper than she thought possible. ‘I never will, darling. I never will.’

Her night with Patrick redefined everything Jessie had ever held true. After they finished in the shower they made love beneath the sheets of the lavish bed, and in the morning he had her give him a sensual blowjob which she did willingly and without hesitation. They dined in one of the many dining rooms, Patrick in his sharp suit, Jessie in a pink silk nightgown.

Later that day, he drove her to his own opulent house in the countryside and allowed her to explore by making love in every room one at a time. As they lay in his bed at the end of the day, breathless after another passionate session, he ran his hand through her hair. ‘You know, I have something to tell you I think you might like.’

‘And what’s that?’ she replied, pecking his cheek with a giggle.

‘I have this friend who lives nearby, name of Henry. I was talking to him this morning while you were getting dressed for breakfast and he told me that he made an especially good purchase last night as well. Apparently she goes by the name of Lola Anderson, and they’re both more than happy to stop by and visit us from time to time.’

Jessie’s eyes lit up. ‘I get to see my sister again?’

‘You sure do.’

Squealing with delight she pounced onto him and expressed her excitement in a cornucopia of lascivious ways.

Though the mansion where they had met was a long distance away, they were certainly not strangers to it. Regularly the two sisters and their new men could be seen admiring the new lots and mingling with the crowds ready to bid. Fortunately, when Patrick decided to bring another lover home, she had the best mentor to help show her the ropes…

Blonde woman guides ginger woman to man's penis to give oral sex

Thanks for reading!

The Colours of Passion is one of those pieces that has been waiting for release for a very long time indeed. To give you an idea of just how long, I got a new computer just after Christmas and this is one of the last of the dozens of stories I moved from the backlog of my old computer to my new one. All in all I’d say this has been awaiting release for about a year.

I always knew I wanted it to be a two part piece but it took me quite some time to get around to writing the second part. Even when I had, the story remained in my backlog for months, constantly pushed back by one thing or another. Most recently it was delayed by my July break and Lake Fantasy taking up all of August. Once it hit the top of my backlog I knew I didn’t want to release the stories separately, and I also didn’t want them to be just another weekly release, so I decided to release them as the end of month longer piece in the same way I released One Man.

Like that story, I like how the Colours of Passion is more grounded in reality. Obviously it is an extremely fantasised story, but sometimes I think a lack of magic, mad science and transformations can make for the hottest stories. I also loved the idea of having the images shift from grayscale to colour to depict Jessie’s shift in perspective, along with following one story from two different viewpoints, which is something I personally haven’t really seen or read before.

To be completely honest, I am seriously considering whether to continue with my end of month serials at the moment. I’ve already said I have a Latex World Order instalment written up, but after that I’m not entirely sure where things will go. The time I would usually spend on writing the end of month stories is now probably going to be spent preparing work for next summer’s August series. Quite apart from that finding the time to write at all seems to be getting harder and harder at the minute.

It may be the case that I do a long serial piece just when I get the chance, or maybe I might do short stories for those universes so I’m still releasing content in those universes, just not long pieces. I could release Lake Fantasy short stories at the end of the month, too, as they are stories I really want to give a shot since those characters were so much fun to write. Alternatively I could release maybe two or three stories at the end of the month, maybe on like the final weekend of the month or something. I really don’t know right now, but I’ll keep you posted when I make a decision.

The second part of the story goes live at the same time as this one, so be sure to go and check that out too if you want to see how things go for Lola.

Finally, the model in this piece is Jessie Volt, whose PornHub profile you can find here: I’d say Volt is a lesser known model than some of the others I have included in my work, but she is absolutely worth checking out if you like the blondes in your porn kinky. As this story more than exemplifies, she really embodies the enticing allure of a sexy socialite and the scenes where she is passionately making love rather than fucking hard are some of the most sensual you can find.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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When it comes to the images for this particular piece, there are few links I can offer. The original images for both the sisters being pulled along by their leashes and Jessie lowering herself onto the chair had been removed from the links I had saved by the time I went to download them ready for posting this, and the original image of the shower scene was of a much lower quality than I wanted so I had to find a clip of that scene and make my own version.

I also made my own version of the leash gif, and I cut a longer gif in which Jessie sits down into two separate images, which I believe I found on namethatporn. Unfortunately I didn’t save the details for these scenes, and to be quite honest I don’t have the time to look them up right now, so all I can’t link them here.

However, I do know the leash clip and the dildo chair are from a Marc Dorcel scene called something like ‘A Perverse Dinner for 2 Blindfolded Blondes.’ I don’t know the name of the shower scene, but as you can see by the watermark it is a Nubile Films scene and the actress is, as previously mentioned, Jessie Volt, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find for yourself if you’re interested.

The only image that I didn’t have to remake was the final one, which is also a Marc Dorcel scene. I believe the other model is Anna Polina but I’m not totally sure. Either way, here’s the link to that:

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