‘Christ, somebody knows how to go all out for Halloween.’ Erika nodded, admiring the dramatically decorated garden. ‘Well the invitation did say it was their favourite holiday of the year. Besides, it looks great.’ ‘You said it,’ Aiden agreed. ‘If the party is half as good as this place looks this is going to be one hell of a night.’ The entire garden and the building it fronted was practically

Coming to a stop deep into the twisting maze of corridors, Safiya huffed furiously and slapped her palm against the wall in an attempt to dispel her anger. It didn’t work. With every passing moment she grew more and more irate and her cheeks were flushed with rage. Ever since they had left the museum, Kosey and Husani had been treating her like no more than a lowly apprentice, but

Pushing the cart along the silent corridor, Cody yawned and glanced at his watch. Scoffing hollowly he rolled his eyes. Quarter to midnight. Who ordered room service at quarter to fucking midnight? Perhaps he might have been a little more agreeable to the request if it had been a large room or a more sizeable order, but he had checked the room log and the order. Just the one guy,

Somewhere in the dark he heard the faint sound of a door opening and closing and he immediately wrestled against his restraints. The thick rope wrapped around his chest rubbed his underarms painfully, and it had not slackened any in the time since he had regained consciousness shortly before. Twisting behind his back the rope soared into the rafters and ensured that he remained standing. He was stood on a

The tall, dark man in his crisp, dark suit, titled back his head and sighed with satisfaction. The teeth that composed his smile flickered briefly, fading to sharp, triangular replacements that glinted in the light, and his eyes flooded with crimson. A long, forked tongue darted from his mouth and licked his lips before zipping back in again. Gradually the hue of his skin faded into a deep scarlet. The

Trigger Warning: This story plays on the horror notes of zombie narratives in a sexual way. It includes potentially triggering scenes of non-consensual acts. If you feel you may find these offensive do not read this piece. I do not condone any such acts, this is purely for the purposes of the supernatural/horror narrative. The streets were deserted as the sirens sounded, blaring out a warning to all that the

Agent Phillips stared through the two-way mirror at the lewd scene and sighed wearily. The room beyond was mostly dark, the occupants lit only by a single spotlight. They made an odd pair: the woman all but naked, her only attire being the open-backed latex skirt that was buckled tight to the metal pedestal. In stark contrast the man who was fucking her roughly from behind was clothed from head