Models: Ellen Houston, Keizy Maria, Saory Vilella & Unknown Male Model ‘That’s it, choke on my cock, baby,’ Athena purred, forcing her dick between her victim’s lips. Rolling her hips, she pushed in deep as he struggled to escape, but his resistance faltered as she slapped him hard across the cheek. ‘Stop whining, you little cunt. Do your job and worship my meat.’ When he and Athena had locked eyes

Models: Aaliyah Hadid & Unknown Male Model Igor couldn’t take much more of this. Doctor Victoria Francesca Stein was widely acknowledged to be completely psychotic – a blasphemous lunatic devoted to pushing the boundaries between science and superstition. As such, most people would have assumed her gothic, secluded manor house would be filled with the tortured screams of her unwilling subjects begging for death. But tonight, Igor could only wish

Models: Jkab Ethan Dale (aka Dale) & Felix Fox Handsome was an understatement. Ripped was almost an insult. The man looking out at Lee from the neon-lit room looked like Adonis’ hotter older brother. Even straight-as-a-ruler Lee couldn’t help but ogle the Asian hunk’s incredible body, which would have been surprising enough on any day, but was even more unusual tonight given that it was less than an hour since

Models: Asa Akira & Sunset Diamond Starting awake, Louise found herself chained to a wall. Cold manacles dug into the skin of her wrists and an icy chill crawled up her spine as the cold air of the dungeon embraced her. A metal collar clutched her throat just tight enough that her breath came short and shallow. This too was chained to the wall, the metal links hard and cool

Just before dawn, Greed reluctantly left Sofia’s body. The night had been a blur of passion, arousal and carnality, and while Mr. Graves slept soundly beside her she quietly vacated her host, a process far more gentle than the forceful way she had possessed Sofia the night before; when she and her siblings had first been released they had been roiling with fresh energy, but now even she was almost

A fiendish smile played over Greed’s lips as the man strode into the bedroom. Fixated on the screen of his phone, he was oblivious to her presence nestled in the corner between a towering brass-framed mirror and the panelled white doors of the room’s walk-in wardrobe. Clad in a luxurious black suit and a crisp, snow-white shirt, the principal of Sofia’s university cut an undeniably fine figure. He was broad

Quietly pleased with herself, Lust admired the entourage she’d acquired on the way through the lap dancing club. Dressed like queens, the two beautiful women giggled girlishly, each sandwiched between a pair of handsome men resplendent in fine suits and polished dress shoes. The way the men ran their hands over their supple curves, it was difficult to believe none of them had ever even met before Lust swept through

‘Hey Brad,’ Wrath cooed. The sweetness of her tone was revolting on her tongue, but she wanted to lure her prey into a false sense of security before bringing his world crashing down. As she’d expected, the athletic jock was more than receptive. Crossing the room somewhat unsteadily, he beamed even as his pint sloshed over the cuff of his shirt, saturating it. There was a lustful gleam in his

As usual, the only vivacious thing about Sloth was the sordid gleam in her eye. Everything else about her person was relaxed to an almost worrying degree. She swirled the contents of her cocktail slowly, the gold glitter within shimmering as if mirroring the thick swathes of yellow-orange lights strung between the trees outside, which refracted through the towering floor-to-ceiling windows to dapple the entire room in shifting spots of

The devious smile that twisted Gluttony’s lips as she heard her soon-to-be lovers arrive home was so wide it practically tickled her ears. Just their deep voices sent shivers down her spine and she was already dripping wet at the very thought of what they’d do once they found her in the bedroom. She could hear three or four unfamiliar voices, plus one she knew, and as they approached the